Thursday, June 2, 2011

Both refrigerator and freezer not cooling properly in refrigerator?

The procedure of this unit is as follows: --- The compressor starts then it cools the freezer section. When the freezer reaches its cooling level the defrost cycle starts functioning. In this cycle the fan in the freezer section starts running and the cool air in the freezer section is passed to the fridge section and the fridge section gets cold. The air from freezer to refrigerator passes from the section, in that section the damper is located.But as you mentioned that freezer and fridge section both are not cooling this indicates problem with compressor.when compressor cools the freezer section then fridge section gets cold.If freezer section is not getting properly cold then fridge section will not cool properly/.So the problem relates to compressor, or the doors of fridge or freezer section are not getting properly closed.Its letting outside air in the unit and that is not letting the refrigerator to cool properly.

Before replacing any part just try manual defrost reset procedure:---
Try manual defrost reset procedure: ----
First unplug the unit from main power outlet. Then empty whole unit completely. Then keep both the doors open. Wait for 24 hours. All the ice collected on the coils and in the freezer section will get melted. Clean the water from the sections. Then Connect the power cord of the unit to main power outlet after 24 hours/.Then set the temperature to normal in both fridge and freezer section. It will take near to 4 hours to get run in its proper cooling cycle. Then check, if the problem returns again. If the same problem occurs then start checking from compressor and door closing seals.And replace the faulty one.

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