Thursday, May 19, 2011

power liftgate on will not open on Lincoln Navigator?

Power Liftgate Initialization

NOTE: If the power liftgate system is turned OFF in the message center, the system cannot be activated with any switches or with the liftgate handle. The system will need to be turned ON for any power operation to occur.

NOTE: The power liftgate may not operate under the following conditions:

  • a low voltage or dead battery.
  • a disconnected battery
  • a power liftgate that has been left open for more than six hours.
  • a power liftgate that has been manually closed and left ajar.

If any of these conditions has occurred, the power liftgate must be reset.

  1. Manually close and fully latch the power liftgate.
  1. NOTE: If the power liftgate does not open during this step,then its faulty liftgate switch or motor for no operation.

Try PULL the liftgate hard to open it then manually