Tuesday, May 24, 2011

husqvarna lgt 2564 mower manual and troubleshooting?

Click this link for manual of husqvarna lgt 2564 mower:---


Mower Not Starting

  • Check the mower's fuel tank. Fill it with fuel, if necessary.

  • Move the tractor's freewheel control to "Transmission Engaged," and then get into the seat and push the brake pedal as you set the mower's parking brake. Move the attachment clutch to "Disengaged" and move the throttle control to "Choke." Put the key into the mower's ignition and turn it to "Start." Let go of the key immediately once the mower's engine starts. If the mower doesn't start within 15 seconds of turning the key, place the throttle control into "Fast" position, wait two to three minutes and start it again.

  • Lift the mower seat to access the battery if the mower will not start or is difficult to start. Connect the red lead of the voltmeter to the positive battery terminal, and connect the black lead to the negative terminal. Read the voltmeter's dial and compare the volt reading with the voltage posted on the battery itself. If the voltage is lower than the battery's posted number, recharge or replace it.

Engine Not Turning Over

  • Push the Husqvarna's brake pedal as you attempt to start the engine. The brake pedal must be depressed for the engine to turn over.

  • Verify that the mower's attachment clutch isn't engaged when you start its engine. It will not turn over if this clutch is engaged.

  • Check the battery. Recharge or replace a dead or weak battery.

  • Inspect the mower's wiring. Tighten all connections and check that all wiring is solid and undamaged. Repair or replace damaged wiring sections or connections.

Low Power

  • Raise the level of your mower's blades or slow down as you mow if the machine loses power during operation. The riding mower cannot handle an excessive amount of grass at high speeds.

  • Disengage the clutch. Engage the parking brake and turn the engine off so you can clean underneath the mower. Place the nozzle adapter on the end of your garden hose and then pull the locking collar of the hose back while pushing the adapter onto the mower's deck washout port. Let go of the locking collar and turn the water on. Sit in the mower's seat. Turn the mower on and position the throttle at "Fast." Engage the clutch while the deck is cleaned, and disengage the clutch when finished. Shut the mower off and detach the garden hose. Allow the mower to dry.

  • Remove all fuel from your mower's fuel tank if the fuel is dirty. Fill with clean fuel. If water is present in the fuel, you must empty the tank and carburetor, refill with fresh fuel, and replace the mower's fuel filter.

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Check your mower's blades if it cuts unevenly. If any blades are bent or worn, replace them. If they're loose, tighten the blade bolt.

  • Adjust the mower's throttle control if grass has trouble discharging from the machine. Move the throttle to "Fast" and continue mowing.

  • Modify your routine if the engine backfires when you turn it off. After stopping the mower's movement but before turning the engine off, adjust the throttle control to a position between half and full speed. Turn the engine off.