Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to check what is year of Yamaha motorcycle?

First you should know your vin number.

How do I know if my VIN is valid?

  • Any vehicle manufactured after 1981 has a 17 digit vehicle identification number.
    If your vehicle is older than 1981 or if your VIN number is less than 17 digits, our decoder is not be able to process it. We regularly refine our tools, and any information that may help us with this process is appreciated. If you are a collector or otherwise have information that may help us improve our decoders, please contact us.
  • The letters I, O and Q are not used in vehicle identification numbers.
    These characters are not used to avoid confusion, especially when vehicle serial numbers are hand written. Also, check your VIN for other characters that may be mistaken like Z's and 2's.

Where can I find my vehicle's VIN?

  • VINs are located on the dashboard and door jambs of cars and on the frames of motorcycles.
    The firewall and the front of the engine block are typically stamped or plated with the vehicle's VIN. Also, registration and insurance paperwork frequently list vehicle identification numbers.

Now to get exact manufacturer of your Yamaha vehicle please click the link below:---