Monday, May 30, 2011

2003 buick century wiper troubleshooting?

You have a bent tab under the cowling at the wiper motor.The tab "tells"the wiper motor where the arms are in laymens terms.If you straighten the tab back out and readjust the wiper motor cam they will work properly.This the procedure the inner wipe position is when the wipers stop during delay you turn the key off with the door open and than do the adjustment.
Remove the air inlet grille panel in Body Front End. Remove the wiper motor water deflector.Using the j39232 tool, disconnect the wiper transmission from the wiper motor crank arm. Remove the wiper motor crank arm cover. Remove the wiper motor crank arm screw. Remove the wiper motor crank arm from the wiper motor.

This condition may be caused by a bent park tab on the windshield wiper motor bracket.

To correct this condition, install a new windshield wiper motor crank arm and a windshield wiper motor bracket service kit. Use the following service procedure:
See fig below:--
Object Number: 883067  Size: SH
Remove the windshield wiper motor drive system module. Inspect the park tab on the wiper motor bracket. It may be bent as shown in the illustration above.

This is the straight wiper motor park tab picture.it should be like this.See fig below:--

Object Number: 883068  Size: SH

part number 12494832 for Arm, Windshield Wiper Motor Crank

part number 88958149 for Windshield Wiper Motor Bracket Service Kit in US

part number 88958260 Windshield Wiper Motor Bracket Service Kit in Canada