Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Checking Oven Sensor with meter?

The oven sensor is normally located in the oven cavity towards the top. To test in for faults disconnect the power to the oven then remove the sensor. You will need an ohm meter to test the sensor, most oven sensors should read about 1100Ω at room temperature 60 - 80 °F (15 -27 °C), if the sensor reading is 'open' or extremely high this means the sensor is faulty and needs replacing, if on the other hand the reading is extremely low then the sensor has shorted (check for wires touching each other) and will need replacing as well.

ven temp sensors....

Oven temp sensors sense the temperature is the oven cavity and the temp sensor changes resistance, this change in ohm resistance tells the oven control what temperature the oven cavity at and tells the control to shut off the element or turn it back on. The most common temp sensors used today ( *not all ) are approx 1000-1100 ohm resistance at room temperature ( 70ºF )

Some ohm readings and there temperature:

Degrees F - Resistance

100 - 1143 ohms

200 - 1350 ohms

300 - 1553 ohms

350 - 1654 ohms

400 - 1753 ohms

500 - 1949 ohms