Monday, May 30, 2011

Euro-Pro 6 slice toaster oven troubleshooting?

First user:---
I thought this was just a great toaster oven and really matched its price. When we got it in August I immediately registered the oven with the company in case it went bad (as we assumed a $40 oven would). After cooking with it 4-5 nights a week for nearly 8 months it finally stopped heating altogether. It wasn't a slow decline, so we got our bang for the buck. I figured we could just get it replaced or fixed under warranty for a simple fee. No way. For one, the company was oblivious to the fact that I had registered with them -- they only needed the warranty page from my manual! Well, I guess that is good if you lose the receipt. However, even though they were "kind enough" to waive the repair costs, it would still cost us $19 shipping each way! That's $38 which is basically what we paid for it!

Now, we could just throw out the $40 every 6 months for a new toaster oven, or bite the bullet and spend $80 on one that will actually last.

Second user:--
Even when this toaster was working, I didn't like it much because the toast knob had way too much of a range. The timer knob is also used for toasting, so you have a full turn of the knob setting it to bake for an hour. The flip side of this is that the full range from lightly toasting your bread to blackening it is only like half an inch, and it is very hard to just get it right, I would almost always have to keep checking, hover over it, etc. Sometimes the bell wouldn't go off. Just everything about it was junky and hard to use.

Then about three months after I bought it, the top knob (temp) half-melted and fell off. A couple weeks later, the unit just stopped heating completely. It only cost $30 and I don't want another one, so I'm not going through the trouble of using the warranty.
Third user:--
I paid $35 for this Euro-Pro toaster oven TO140L six months ago. It is now inoperable and in the garbage. It has worked fine in the interim, other than the "toast" function never really did what it was supposed to do (i.e. make toast).

A few days ago the heating elements blazed bright orange without regard to the temperature setting, nearly starting a fire in the oven. Since then, the heating elements haven't worked at all - no warmth at any setting.

Under the 1-year warranty I have the option of shipping the oven back to the manufacturer for "repair or replacement", for which they will reimburse me $19 to cover shipping. I am not going through the hassle of this for a junky, unreliable $35 oven, and THEY KNOW IT. That's why they don't feel obligated to make a quality product. We all just keep buying new toaster ovens every six months!

The warranty instructions don't even include a shipping address for where to send the broken oven. I guess you need to call or check the website to get the address?? My secretary is on vacation this week and I don't have time for this 10-step process . . . so now I have a Black & Decker sitting on my kitchen counter and am hoping for the best.
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