Sunday, May 29, 2011

how to adjust the headlight BEAM on Chevrolet Corvette

  • There are four headlights: two outer low beam headlights and two inner high beam headlights. These headlights have a vertical and lateral adjustment mechanism so that they can be aimed in both dimensions. Fortunately, this mechanism--an adjustment screw for each direction--is easy to reach and turn.

    Turn on your headlights and locate the two adjustment holes that have the adjustment screws inside them on the sides of each headlight. The top hole has the vertical adjustment screw and the bottom hole has the horizontal adjustment screw. Turn the vertical screw clockwise to raise the beam and counterclockwise to lower; turn the horizontal screw clockwise to move the beam right and counterclockwise to move the beam left.

    Aim the headlights so that they fall within 2 inches below their corresponding tape cross marks on the wall, ensuring that the beams are angled downward toward the ground and not into the eyes of fellow drivers.

    Locate the adjustment screws on the outer edge of the headlight retainer rings. The high beams are the inside bulbs and there will be one screw at the top and the other on the bottom left. The low beams are the outer bulbs. The adjustment screws are at the top and the lower right.

  • Adjust the low beams to match your tape marks. Turn the top screw clockwise with a Phillips screwdriver to raise the lights to the marks. Turn the top screw counter clockwise to lower the beams.

  • Turn the side screws as needed to adjust the low light beams left to right until the beam is directly at the center of your original marks

  • Turn on the high beam lights and adjust them using the above process. Aim the beams to an illumination point slightly under the tape line and inside the cross markings of the low beam points.

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