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how to remove standard forks on Kawasaki ZX6?

Its forks are two metal arms running from the top of the handle bars down to the front wheel. The forks are secured to the handle bars by two tension clamps. The fork seals are round, plastic rings in the center of both front forks. Once the forks are removed from the tension clamps, you can pry the seals off the forks.
Forks on a motorcycle are the two metal rods between which the front tire is mounted. The forks are also the shocks for the front tire. The seals are the plastic rings in the center of the forks that keep the air or oil inside the fork. Removing the seals is just about the same process for every motorcycle. The only real difference will be the nut size on the clamps that secure the forks to the frame of the bike.

  • Raise the bike off the ground using the motorcycle lift. Remove the axle bolt from the front wheel using the wrench. Tap the axle out of the middle of the front wheel using the rubber tipped hammer. Pull the front wheel away from the front forks.

  • Loosen the tension clamp at the top of the handle bars using the wrench. Pull front forks from the clamps.

  • Pry the fork seals off of the forks using the flat head screwdriver. Slide the fork seals up and off the forks.

  • Slide the new fork seals onto the forks. Press down on the new seals until the seals snap into place.

  • Replace the forks to the clamps and tighten the clamps using the wrench. Replace the front wheel between the front forks. Tap the axle back into the center of the wheel. Replace the axle nut to the axle and tighten the axle using the wrench.

    If you want to remove the fork and clean it internally.Then you can see the pictures shown below.That wil help:-----

    Remove the forks, unscrew the cap and the outer tube will slide down so you can use the fork spring compressor on it.

    The spring compressor will fit in the holes drilled in the spacer

    This is the manual spring compressor and the cap is ready to be unscrewed.

    Here is the nut you need a 17 mm for the nut and a 30 mm for the cap

    Loosen spring compressor and remove the spacer

    Dump the oil and spring into the oil pan. Pump the cartridge several times to get the old oil out. Look for chunks and stuff, what you should see is sort of a fine silver particle stream or two in the oil. Not any chunks.

    If you are changing seals, continue on. Slide the dust seal down the fork leg.

    Pop the retaining clip loose

    Using the fork leg as a slide hammer "smack" the forks apart

    Left to right, oil seal, washer, upper tube bushing, lower tube bushing. Remove all the old stuff if you are changing seals.

    Put a baggie or tape or something over the knife edge of the bushing. and slide the dust seal, then oil seal on. It can be tough, be gentle and do not tear your seals.

    Here is all the stuff ready to go back in, left to right, dust cover, clip, oil seal flat side down, washer, outer tube bushing and inner tube bushing

    This is a Race Tech seal driver 41mm it goes around the fork. You grip it good. And drive the thing in, then install the clip and ensure it is seated in the groove, you might have to tap the seal some more. Then slide the dust cover down.

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