Tuesday, May 31, 2011

how to replace AT Filter on Nissan Terrano?

The Terrano has a powerful 2.7 Litre Turbo Diesel engine which gives you on avarage 8.5Km/l. My best was 9.2Km/l.

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Nissan Terrano 2.7 TDi:--

Replacing the pollen filter of your Nissan Terrano:

When the air flow in the cabin decrease the problem might be that the pollen filter of your Nissan Terrano is blocked. This is rather easy to replace. If you stay in South Africa you can take your filter to places like Filter World in Paul Kruger street, Pretoria (012-323-5120).

The filter is located behind the glove compartment. To replace it first remove the glove compartment. It has two screws at the bottom of the door.

On my model you also have to remove the little panel on the left of the glove box because one of the screws for the cross bar are located underneath it.
Now you can remove the steel cross bar by unscrewing the three screws that attach it.
You will note that the big black plastic container behind it has a little vertical slide in it. The pollen filter is located behind this slide. So you have undo the screw at the bottom of the slide and then slide it open by pulling it downwards
The pollen filter is behind the slide. Just pull it out and push in the new one. You will see that it can only go in one way. There is a little rib on the one end of the filter that must slide into a slot in the filter holder. After that you can replace everything in reversed order.

Anyone know how to get access to the oil filter on a Terrano II 2.7TDI. I can't see a way to get to it without removing major parts such a exhaust.

If it's like most other Nissans, you get to it from underneath - Jack it upand put it on axel stands.

You may need to remove the splash tray from under the engine, then slide under - cover the exhaust, as most Nissans I know have the filter above the exhaust.

A removal tool is recommended in tight spots.

Yes the fuel filter is easy to change, your local motor spares will have a catalogue telling them which filter to sell you, BUT, its a diesel, so you need to know how to bleed it. Bleeding is when you get all the air out of the system, air gets into the fuel lines when you remove the filter, and a diesel wont run with air in the system, so you have to get it out. You can make this a much easier process by filling the filter with diesel before installing it. Some motors need you to loosen a fitting here and there to allow the air out while pumping the fuel.

Your fuel filter should (could/might) have a drain at the bottom. If you open this and drain the filter, you should get rid of the water. You may also have a pre-filter or sedimenter in the fuel line closer to the tank.

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