Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hotpoint refrigerator troubleshooting?

Before replacing the auger motor, it needs to be determined if the auger motor or the core board is the problem. You will need a volt/ohm meter that reads DC voltage. I'm sending you some pictures of how to access the dispenser, the location of the components and how to remove the auger motor if necessary. First you will need to make some voltage checks at the core board. Press the actuator and check between the blue and white wires for 120 volts AC. If there is no voltage there, replace the core board. If it has voltage, next check the BR/WH and RD/WH wires to ground. This will be DC voltage. On cubes the BR/WH wire should be positive (+) 120 VDC and the RD/WH wire negative (-) 120 VDC. When set to crushed the + and - will be reversed on the wires. If you don't get these readings, the cord board will again need to be reversed. If you do get these voltages but the auger motor does not run, then the motor will need to be replaced.

see fig below:---