Sunday, July 10, 2011

oil blow filling air breather or oil from upper crankcase breather induction on Kawasaki VN 2000

Because the Vulcan 2000 has a unique semi-dry sump lubrication system with separate oil chambers in the crank room, clutch side cover and transmission room, the engine oil level indicated on the dipstick is very sensitive to oil temperature, the motorcycle's position and engine RPM at time of shut down.

Under certain conditions, oil can accumulate in the crank and clutch areas and give a false low reading on the dipstick in the transmission room. This can result in false low readings and oil overlilling, which often leads to oil being pushed out of the crankcase vent and into the airbox.

Use the following procedure, which is also outlined in the Owners's Manual, for checking oil level:

Verify Engine Oil Presence
Before starting the engine, verify that the engine contains oil by removing the oil filler cap/dispstick in the lower right side of the engine. If the dipstick is dry, tip the motorcycle slightly to the right and look thru the filler holde until oil appears. If no oil appears even when the machine is tipped at an extreme angle, remove the oil drain plugs to empty any oil that may be in the transmission, crankcase and clutch cover. Reinstall the drain plugs and refill with the specified amount of oil. Continue with Engine Oil Level Inspection.

CAUTION: If the engine is run without oil, it will be severely damaged.

Engine Oil Level Inspection
After you have verified that the engine contains oil, start the engine and allow it to idle for several minutes to thoroughtly warm the oil in the transmission room to 125 degrees Fahrenheit according to the following chart:

Air Temp Idle Time
40 degrees 15 minutes
65 degrees 10 minutes
100 degrees 5 minutes

*NOTE: During this time the auxilliary cooling fan may be activated several times.
After allowing the engine to idle for the specified time, shut it off. DO NOT REV THE ENGINE AND SHUT IF OFF AT HIGHER THAN IDLE RPM. Doing so can leave a significant amount of oil in the crank room and clutch area, leading to a false low oil level reading.

Allow the oil to settle for several minutes. With the motorcycle level from from to back and side to side, remove the oil filler cap/dipstick and wipe the dipstick clean. Continue holding the motorcycle supright and reinstall the dipstick, threading the cap completely in. Remove the dipstick and check the engine oil level. The engine iol level should be between the high and low level lines on the dipstick.

If the oil level is too high, remove the excess oil through the filler opening using a syringe or other suitable device. If the oil is too low, add oil to reach the correct level. Use the same type of oil that is already in the engine.

Replace the cap, making sure the O-ring is in place and tighten.

Following this procedure should provide an accurate oil level reading. If you feel your are not obtaining accurate readings using this method, please see your local Kawasaki dealer for further assistance.

there is three plugs to drain the oil so when you only pulled two, you didnt drain all the oil and kept another quart of dirty oil inside her. Many posts about this. Remove all three plugs and measure how much comes out and then put back same amount. Should be somewhere around 5.5 or 5.8 qts something like that.

Your missing third plug seems to be the one on the downside of the clutch. Take care, it strips easy.
Last time I changed the oil, I only filled half way, and that did it.
I use 10W-40 semi synthetic, Silkoline.
There will always be a little oil there, from the crankcase vent., live with it or reroute the crankcase vent.
I run a K&N element in the original air box, so I can clean it if needed.
3rd plug is chrome bolt on the left side bottom , don't overtighten , strips easily

These bikes are a dry sump engine, meaning oil isn't "stored" in the bottom of the engine. Oil is removed from the sump via a scavenge pump. When riding at high speed for an extended period of time(over 80mph on speedo) the scavenge pump cannot keep up to the supply of oil, resulting in oil being sucked into the airbox. Don't forget that a little oil can go a long way when spread across your pipes, airbox, side cover etc.

Try this, next time you go for a ride, keep it under 80mph on the speedo and see if the problem persists.


Stop worrying about the oil on the dipstick. Kawasaki shouldn't have put one on this engine in the first place.

Remove all three plugs and the filter,

Clean up mess,

Install new filter,

Reinstall three plugs and tighten,

remove dipstick and add five quarts of your favorite oil,

reinstall dipstick,

check air box and filter for excessive oil and dirt, clean if necessary.

reinstall air filter cover.

ride the dang bike.


The most common cause of oil in the filter box is a filthy air filter,, the engine can't suck air so it starts to suck oil up through the breather! A nice K&N with a Thunder or Baron is real nice, you just wash the filter and reoil. Plus,, you get to hear a lovely sucking sound when you twist the go grip.The engine have a valve system that regulates the crankcase pressures, this may also be the problem.


Oil blowing out of the filler hole with cap off is not uncommon, so don't start bike with cap off (I did that on my 900). The part about coming out of your filter sounds like the crankcase was overfilled. 4 qts sounds like to much, what does the manual say the crankcase holds. If your oil was 4 qts low either the dealer didn't fill it or you've got a major problem. The reason it's coming out of your air filter is because that's where the crankcase ventilation hose is connected to. Another reason oil could come out of crankcase is if you had excessive blowby of your piston rings, but this is probably very unlikely with a new bike.

By accident you over filled the crank case. There are very specific instructions to follow when checking the oil on this particular bike, if not followed carefully you can get a false low reading, leading you to add too much oil, if over filled out the air cleaner it will come.

Change the oil and filter today and refill. No blow-out. Problem will be solved.