Monday, July 18, 2011

How to manually prime Gaggia Titanium Espresso Machine ?

It sounds as if you will need to manually prime your machine. You probably just have an air pocket in one of the lines. Instructions are below:

Self Priming a Super Auto

Never attempt to prime your machine for more than thirty seconds; meaning you should never hear the pump for more than thirty seconds at a time. Also, never attempt to prime while the machine is warm.


Turkey baster (to siphon water)

Paper toweling (to create a seal on the gasket)

1. Turn on the machine with a full water reservoir.

2. Turn the steam knob to initiate the pump.

3. Take the reservoir off and set along side the machine.

4. Fit the turkey baster (filled with water) to the gasket (you may need to use something to make a good seal like some rolled up paper toweling around the baster.) Squeeze the turkey baster into the inlet gasket, which is where the water reservoir meets the machine.

5. When you hear a pitch change in the pump, close the steam knob and re-place the reservoir back onto the machine.

6. Now we would like you to open the steam knob to be sure the machine will take water from the water reservoir.

7. If you get a steady stream of water from the steam arm, your machine has now been primed.


Also click this link below for seeing the video showing how to resolve ventilation problem:---