Friday, July 15, 2011

1999 kia sportage runs when you spray eather in carb but injectors not spraying gas

Same issue, It runs because you are providing a constant fuel supply when using ether, stop and it stops. The fuel (GAS) is supplied to each combustion chamber (cylinder) as it is needed at point of ignition by the cars Engine Control Unit. Since you replaced fuel pump and filter, did you check to make sure fuel is making it to the block (motor) you have to remove the fuel line from the injector block to test this. when you turn the key to run but NOT start you should hear the fuel pump hum and then fuel should start shooting out of this hose. Have a rag around it to catch fuel. If this happens turn car ignition off at that point. YOU HAVE FUEL getting to engine..Second, now that you have fuel the question is whether it is at the correct PSI pressure. These models require a certain PSI from the pump to actuate. If the pump is not putting out enough pressure, eventhough new, then it could be a fuel pressure issue. The only way to check the pressure is by a mechanic with a pressure gauge fitting. If you have verified both of those then last two options are teh ECU and Cam position sensor. The cam position sensor tells the ECU when to inject fuel into the proper cylinder based on firing order. If the position snesor is bad it wont send fuel to the correct cylinder based on cam position and therefore a cylinder not ready to fire is getting fuel while a firing cylinder is dry! Finally if all that is good then its the ECU and YES they do go bad (unfortunately all cars are computerized now and not like the old 70's with points and a distributor) If the ECU is bad you will need to buy a new one and have it encoded to your VIN number on the vehicle. The dealer can get this but they charge MEGABUCKS..you cant just take one out of a junk yard either. The best place is to search Google for an ECU for your model and find a dealer that will program for you to your vin.. and yes it has to be programmed. The average price I have found in the past is $150-300 dollars.


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