Monday, July 25, 2011

Throttle By Wire Plug Diagram for harley fbw throttle assembly?

Wires from black sleeve go in 1, 2, 3


Wires from yellow sleeve go in 4, 5, 6


It is the throttle by wire connector.

My wire colors are different. The wires coming out of the handlebars are (Male pin): Brown, Blue, Black, Red, Violet and Gray
The wires that go into the main harness are (Female socket): Red with White Stripe, Brown with Yellow stripe, Black with Gray stripe, Brown with Orange stripe, Blue with Green stripe and Black with White stripe.

Blue goes to the white wire from the black sleeve
Black goes to the black wire from the white sleeve
Brown goes to the red wire from the black sleeve
Red goes to the red wire from the yellow sleeve
Purple goes to the white wire from the yellow sleeve
Grey goes to the black wire from the yellow sleeve

refering to the to the black connector under the fairing. I got the wire for the connector thats located in the handle bars squared away, now it need the largest or the connectors.

these are the TBW wires. I have the connectors that go inside the bars all connected . Now I am trying to get the black connector at the very end of the TBW harness back into the black connector that plugs in under the fairing. When I disconnected it to get the bars off I had to pull all the wires out of that connector to get them thru the bars.

Are you using the stock sensor (with the green plug), or the sensor with extended wires purchased from HD?

The wires that come out of the sensor have two sets of three wires. The three wires in each set are Red, White and black. One set of the three wires is wrapped in Black, and the other in Yellow. The colors should match as shown below.

Black set of wires:
Red -> Brown
White -> Blue
Black -> Black

Yellow set of wires:
Red -> Red
White -> Purple
Black -> Violet


Once I got the location of the wires for the black connector everything seems to be working jsut fine.

I did not have to get another sensor from HD. The extensions worked for me.

I soldered the green connector wires together and pulled into the bars, connected and it worked.