Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to replace starter on Harley Davidson fatboy ?

Disconnect the battery, pull the primary cover and remove the jack shaft, You will need a 1/4 allen socket to get to the starter bolts. remove battery pos cable from starter and remove.-------------

In order to replace it you must remove the primary cover and the shaft and sprocket that connect the starter to the fly wheel. then remove the starter from the right side of the bike.To get the starter out, you have to remove the tank.You may have to take the tank out as there is bugger all room in there. Its hard enough just getting the bolts undone without removing tank.
You will have to remove your primary cover to get the pinion gear off. On the end off the pinnion shaft you will see a bolt and a flat washer with a tab on it. Straighten the tab and hold the pinnion gear from turning and unscrew the bolt. These parts will come out on the primary side. Then you can remove your starter.
First drain the primary fluid, there is a drain plug on the bottom of the primary cover below the clutch cover, pull the primary cover off, remove primary cover gasket, on the starter jack shaft there is a bolt with a lock tab bend over it, flatten the tab and hold the shaft with a pair of pliers (wrap a rag around the teeth as not to damage them) and loosen and remove bolt, remove all components. move to the right side of the bike and disconnect wires on starter (make sure you have disconnected the batter before anything, as one of those wires is a hot wire , you dont want to arc it on anything) remove starter bolts and remove starter. its really simple once you do it, takes about 20 minutes.

Drain primary oil and remove outer primary cover, Remove starter Jack shaft bolt. now on starter side of primary remove the two allen bolts that bolt the starter to the primary. Now the starter will come out. Also look at the clutch ring gear teeth and the starter jack shaft pinion gear teeth. If bad replace the ring and pinion gear.


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