Thursday, July 14, 2011

nissan motor 4 cylinder 8 plugs dual coils wiring?

There are four wires :---
white , black/ white stripe,a red and blue .

Ignore the white wire .No need to connect the white wire.
white wire is not going to be used at all so I can shrink wrap the end of the wire? The exhaust side plugs for emissions is a myth. Both plugs fire together to give two ignition sources which shortens the burn time and requires less ignition advance. Nissan's intent was that this set up will allow more EGR to be used to control emissions but luckily it also is good for mileage and efficiency.

The white wire? It's part of a system that can tell the distributor to revert back to single plug operation to reduce engine noise when passing or climbing a hill. A vacuum switch grounds the white wire and the distributor turns off the exhaust side plugs, but it also advances the timing to compensate for the longer burn time of a single plug. When power is reduced the switch opens and the distributor changes back to dual plug and retards the ignition.

The Red (I) wire goes to the exhaust coil's negative terminal. The positive terminal goes to ignition switch power in the on position.

The Blue (E) wire goes to the intake coil's negative terminal. The positive terminal goes to ignition switch power in the on position.

The Black/White stripe wire goes to the ignition switch power in the on position.
-------- With power on the Black/White wire and engine turning over, will cause both the Red and the Blue wire to turn on and off to fire the coils. -------- There are three wires coming from the distributor: Red, Blue and Black/White.

In operation and the ignition key is on, power flows through the Black/White wire and into the distributor to power it.

At the same time power from the ignition flows to the positive terminal of both coils.

When the engine is turning, the module inside the distributor applies and removes ground on the red and blue wires that go to the negative coil terminals and they fire.---

The coils have 12 volts on them at all times the ignition is on. The distributor's job is to make and break a ground connection on the other side of the coil to complete the circuit. -------------

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