Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fuel pump relay diagram for 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse?

The fuel pump relay and the MFI = ASD relay location:

The ASD = MFI relay. When it goes bad or say doesn't get a signal from the crank sensor, it shuts the fuel pump, coil, and injectors down.Check both the ASD and FUEL pump relay.----------

Remove FP relay and jumper socket pin 3 or 4 (both are black/white wires and are connected together) to socket pin 1 (black/blue). This is exactly what the relay does and you will need ignition key on for power. Or you can just connect +12V (but should go thru a 10 amp fuse for safety) to pin 1 (black/blue) which powers FP directly .

The fuel pump relay and MFI relay are both located at "Y" in this picture.

On the 95 both the MFI and fuel pump relays are in that same unit.

On a 95 2G the MFI relay is MR161519 marked E8T08474.