Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Radiator fan runs non stop on saab 9-3?

ACC fan control unit, part number '50 45 158'

  • Remove glovebox
    • Open the side door, there are 2 screws there hidden under caps. Be carefull. The whole cap piece can come out on you. Not a problem, just don't lose one.
    • Open the GB door. There is one screw on the left.
    • Remove 3 screws hidden by caps around the upper lip of the glovebox
    • Remove the one bolt, lower right. In plain sight.
    • Little black disc on the bottom up in the footwell. It's a push button piece of plastic holder thing. Who invented this crap? Push in on the middle, should come right out. See image 1
    • Pull down and away from the dash. Disconnect plug to GB interior light. Pull downward and away the rest of the way out.
  • Remove side kickpanel
    • 1 screw. See image 2
  • Remove lower floor vent piece
    • Personally I would take the extra minute and remove the metal bracket in front of it. 3 bolts. See image 3
    • Remove little plastic pushpin thing holding the lower vent on the right side. Again, this couldn't be a bolt? Cheap POS... I taped this back up because my little bolt was broken.
    • Pull down and towards the front of the car.
  • Remove cover over the contact part (plate) of the controller
    • 1 screw. Sorry, no pics, my cam is dead. It's a curved black cover on the left side against the footwell. Can't miss it. Behind the amp in an SE. This is a different size screw. Same size as the plate screws. See image 4
    • Pull down and towards the front of the car.
  • Remove plate end of controller
    • 2 screws, See image 5
  • Remove the dash air flow tube
    • It'll be much easier to access the lead wire and male plug of the control unit if this big tube is out of the way. It's a friction fit, so pull the right side away from you to release it and then down and towards you to release the left side.

  • Follow the other end to the connector
    • Be carefull with this bracket. There is a bracket holding 2 connectors, one of which you need. Disconnect them both and connect your new controller. See image 6
    • removing the male end of the plug from the bracket is a little difficult because of the V-shaped clips on the top and bottom. I used the T20 torx screwdriver and one of my fingers on the other side to squeeze them together. Definitely an awkward procedure.

Tools you'll need for this job:
  • a T20 torx screwdriver
    • release button fasteners
    • control unit screws
    • curved lower trim piece
  • a T25 torx screwdriver
    • glovebox screws
  • a 10 mm 6-point socket and socket driver
    • lower right glovebox bolt
    • structural bracket
Image 1, those damned button fasteners.

Image 2, glove box and console trim panel removed

Image 3, foot vent and structural bracket removed

Image 4, removing the lower trim piece

Image 5, the ACC fan control unit

Image 6, the control unit leadwire and male plug, the dash air flow tube is removed