Wednesday, July 27, 2011

fuel lines routing on yamaha xs1100


The 80-81 versions have plastic nipples but they are sealed up.

As to fuel lines, assuming the petcocks are on the corrects sides of the tank (they are marked with an L and an R for Left and Right, as your sitting on the bike in riding position), then the stock routing would beas follows:

The front outlets are PRIME. This feeds gas to the carbs regardless of the engine running or not, and also eliminates the reserve function. So when you run out of gas, your out, now a member of the bike pushing brigade instead of flipping to the reserve and getting another 10 miles. These would run to T in the line.

The rear outlets are the ON and RESERVE outlets, these would run to the vacuum operated fuel valve (known as the OCTY around here). Out of the OCTY they would then run to that T mentioned above. The combined line on the thrid side of the T would then feed that sides bank of carbs.

Alot of folks, myself included, do not use the OCTY valve, and since you do not have one, you may not either. So, you can simply block off the PRIME outlets on the petcocks, or run a length of fuel line from one to the other. Then take the ON/RESERVE outlet and run it to the fuel T for each set of two carbs. If you do a search you will find many options for how people like to run the fuel lines. One thing most will agree on is the need to put an in-line fuel filter between the tank and the carbs. This is how you can run them.


If you want to go through service manual of yamaha xs-1100.Click the link below:---