Tuesday, July 12, 2011

thermador electric double oven shows error f 24?

The F24 fault code is caused by a closed/stuck/shorted contact on the control panel for more than 60 seconds, such has someone leaning against the controls or objects hanging in front of the controls.

Solution: Touch OVEN OFF, or turn power OFF at the circuit breakers, wait 3 minutes and then turn it back on. If the condition persists the touchpad/control panel will likely need to be replaced. Turn the power off in order to stop the beeping.

The error F24 relates to 2 possibilities or both.-------
Either the relay board or the display board is bad.-------
In some cases both relay and display board needs to be replaced.------
The problem occurs due to shorted touch pad control board or shorting relay on the relay board.The components on the board cannot be replaced to repair the board.In other words the boards are to be replaced, it cannot be repaired.--------
First the touch pad , display board has to be replaced, if the problem still continues the relay board has to be replaced.----------
Both the relay board and touch pad board are very costly board, approx $200.
Click this link below:---
Part number 0104 is relay board and part number 0113 is touch-pad control board:---http://www.thermador-eshop.com/eshop%28bD1lbiZjPTAwOQ==%29/thermador/us/prodp.htm?prod=SEC302BP/01
Also you can order parts from:---
Getting the board replaced from proper appliance tech is advisable, because its not easy disassembly and repairs.-------