Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Convertible top will go down but not up Volkswagen New Beetle?

There are many possibilities for this problem:---
All are to be checked:---
Try this:

Turn engine on. While it's running:

Use your master swith to roll all four windows down at once.

Use your master switch to roll all four windows up.

Use your master switch to roll all four windows down.

Turn off engine.

Restart car and operate your newly-reset, rebooted top.

If it doesn't work then... you're in trouble! see your dealer...

But usually, the above procedure gets you back on track with your top.

i had the same problem !!i put the top I THOUGHT all the way down and drove off ,then the alarm started goin off bbc the top was NOT all the way down. So i pulled over and tried to put it down then up and down and up and it wouldnt go either way it was stuck ...it would only go down if i turned the car off then back on ! so i left it down and drove straight to vw and they guy said this happens all the time!! and he puled out a hairbrush that had gottn stcuk under the top like way underneath and it was topping the top from working!!!I FELT LIKE AN IDIOT!! but try that something might be stuck and you dotn even kno it!!

The little wings on the side went up,the indicator was showing the top going up, then , nothing. Needed top up today so I found the little plastic plug in the left rear fo the boot,popped it out and turned the valve so I could close it by hand. I turned the key on and hit the button to raise the wings to release the catches with the string,and the pump just started working .You could hear it whining. I closed the valve, hit the switch, and it worked as advertised.--------------------]
The flap on the driver's side broke off! UG! I'm now looking for the part to have it replaced. It's a good thing it happened right before I bought the car... The dealership is going to replace it but I figured I would look up the part for future reference. It seems that the convertible top has a bracket on it that slides up a rail, that bracket was popped off and caught the flap as it was going up. And, SNAP! Poor flap!
Unfortunately that little flap is pretty expensive. The passenger side "flap" (body-matched color) snagged on the top and snapped the lower wire that controls when the flap goes up and down. Actually a complex little bit of equipment there when you look closely. Anyway, it was within 2 days of buying the car and the used car dealer fixed it. Since they have to order the part (came from Germany!) and fix the system, and paint the new flap to match our car, it was over $500. Perhaps it could have been done cheaper if we begged them to figure out a way.

Now anytime we put the top down we watch those little wires to see if anything might catch. Kinda took the fun out of putting the top down.

I noticed they got rid of those flap/covers on the newer year models... too bad, because it has a gaping hole with metal bits down there on the newer models. Guess a lot of them were breaking?
If all that checked ok then it has to be scanned.------
you will need a vw capable scan tool to check the faults in the convertible top control module you have trouble codes stored in the module that will tell you which micro switch in all 11 of them is faulty we have seen a lot of issues with micro switches causing this issue .
I did the scan:

02000- Switch position
008 - implausible signal - intermittent
01091- Switch front Canopy (F202)
008 - implausible signal - intermitten

I guess this means the switch on the ram is faulty?

Yes this means the switch has issues which these are common to fail this switch is located on top overhead rail right above the rear view mirror you will need to both visors and the panel to be able to get to it .

If the convertible top switch not working properly every-time.Then the switch and its electrical connections/wirings needs to be checked. The switch is typically located in the trunk, positioned right beside the covering of the left or right tail light. The switch should be set to automatic, not manual. If the switch is properly set, then other things are causing the problem. The other things blocking the top to move up and down is its hinges.If the hinges are bent or cracked or got loose then this can be the other reason. If the hinges are in good condition, then check the convertible top struts. These are the mechanisms that lift the convertible top. Lift struts deteriorate due to wear and tear and will need to be replaced if it's the source of the problem. Another very common reason for a not working convertible top is the worn out elastic straps. In newer latest models the convertible top is controlled by a single button conveniently located next to the handbrake. You press a button to release a center locking device - none of this moving the sun visors out of the way and releasing two latches on other sides of the car stuff! - then twist the device with its conveniently large handle. Then you press the button, and if you're lucky, it'll work the first time. If not, try it again! The temperature display goes from blue to yellow and shows a "convertible top opening" graphic, and the top opens up and neatly folds itself in back. You can release the button when it beeps again. Putting it back on again is the same basic process, though you have to wait for the beep, then press the latch release, twist it, pull down, then re-twist the latch again.

All window/top operation are connected. Try running the all windows up and down switch (relay reset). This often happens when there has been a fluctuation in battery current. This trick also works if the windows are acting funny.

You can not raise or lower the top manually without releasing the pressure in the system with the knob on the pump. The rubber gasket on the left side in the trunk is the cover to check the fluid level in the pump. Give this a look to see if the pump has fluid.

Its filled with hydraulic fluid that runs through the lines that lower and raise the top

Here is what it looks like in the trunk on the drivers side

VW-approved hydraulic fluid that goes in there.It can be ordered only from dealer.--------

found mine inside of a little black plastic box...
Wonder what this is (on your photo)? (see circle)
It seems to adjust about 180 degrees. Mine was turned sideways, whereas, yours is straight up. Is this related to my problem of not being to put the top all the way down on the 1st try?
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instructions for what that screw does....
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Yes there is its your vw power steering fluid.Oh and also to fix your hydraulic pump for the roof to work just turn the screw to the right until you feel it tighten.hydraulic pressure resumed.Job done.

it sure sounds like a stuck micro switch on the boot interlock.Take a look in the slots where the boot latches down. It's very possible that one or both of those interlocks may be gummed up. If you have been driving with the top down without a boot cover for a while, it's real easy to get road grime and dust falling into those slots. Take an air compressor or a can of spray air and flush out the slots really well. Buy some electric contact cleaner in a spray can (You can get it at Radio Shack) and clean the micro switches with it.
That should get the top working again. If not, it would be best to scan the system with VCDS (formerly Vag-Com) and it you don't have that, you might have to take to the dealer for it to be scanned in order to get the exact defect code.

Took it in and the mechanic said the module located in the drivers side door was fried. He replaced that and everything is working fine.