Friday, July 15, 2011

Kia Sportage will not start, has power to injectors?

Each injector should have one wire the same color, believe its green. This would be the 12 volt wire. Check this with a test light, key on, injector unplugged. Gotta know if your problem is on the hot or ground side. The other wire on each injector (ground side) will be a different color. Let me know if you have 12 volts on green wire, injector unplugged at all injectors or at least one or two since they are hard to get to. Also make sure all under hood and under dash fuses are good with a test light.

Also, do you have spark at the coils and fuel pressure.

if you have power on the green wire.
Then try to start the car by spraying starting fluid and see if it runs or not.--------

If the car stats and runs and all fuses checked out good, then try this.------

Now put the clip of the test light on positive battery terminal and check the other injector wire while cranking engine. Injector still unplugged. The test light should pulse if ground circuit is ok.

To save some time if it fails the above ground test. There is a connector (c123) according to the Kia manuel. This is a white connector wrapped in foam material under the passenger side carpet near the ECU. (may also be behind the passenger kick panel. This connector will have a wire for for both the green 12 volt and the ground wire for each of the injectors. Make sure the contacts there are good. It is also a launching place to continue to ohm the ground wires either to the injector or to the ECU depending on what you find there using the same tests as above for the injector grounds except now do them at this connector.

If you dont see the c123 connector.
Did you check behind the kick panel by the door? Sometimes these kia manuels are not 100%. Use the colors of the wires that are on the injector itself and recheck for c123 again.

In some cases its direct connection and
the colors go directly int the ecm.

Unplug the ecm and injectors then ohm the wires to see if you have continuity. If not then there still has to be a inline connector somewhere breaking the circut.

Another thought, run a jumper wire from battery negative to a good spot on the engine, then run another jumper wire from the engine to a good spot on the chassis. Make sure the spots are clean and good bare metal.

There is also a ground wire from the battery tray to the intake manifold. Make sure "eye" connectors are good and the metal they attach to is clean and bare.

if you ohmed all the wires from the injectors to the ecm and there is good continuity. then cam sensor or crank sensor signal to computer is problem.The computer need signal from this sensors to see to fire the injectors.
Check both crank and can sensor.mostly probably crank sensor.But if crank sensor checked ok then get the voltage checked at cam sensor.If any of the sensor checked faulty, then it requires to be replaced.If both sensors checked ok then, -----

Check connectors 123 and 124. They are near the firewall on the passenger side under the intake plenum. These connectors are right near the knock sensor connector. You may have to remove the mixing chamber if your arm isn't double jointed. Kia had a bulletin on these 2 connectors to unplug and clean them plus install special retaining clips. They are 2 black square type connectors next to a small black knock sensor connector. Very hard to get to even with the mixing chamber off.

If you pull out the harness a little bit in front of the mixing chamber right by the fuel pressure regulator and unwrap the insulation there is a 5 green wire splice which has to be resoldered and rewraped. This however is the 12 volt source but have given many injector problems. If you have the mixing chamber off this will be very easy to do.

If that is checked ok, then
There are 3 ground bolts behind the right kick panel. Remove them and scuff up the painted area. Solder the eye connectors if possible.


One user had this problem and solved this way:---

My sportage stopped starting. The engine cranks but does not start. I jumpered the fuel pump and it is fine. Replaced both EGI and fuel pump relays, problem persisted. I sprayed starting fluid in the air intake, the car started, died, and generated 5 codes, being low voltage in all 4 injectors and purge solenoid valve malfunction. The kiatechinfo website recommends to check the connection between the injectors and ECU terminal. I don't have a clue of how to perform this and no clue about the solenoid valve. Also, both relays do not click when ignition is on (I read that they should do so). All other fuses were checked and are fine. Although I did not removed the main engine fuse (80A) to check it, but don't know if the car would crank if it was bad. I don't really know how cars work and would appreciate any help you could provide.

fuel pump and Main relays under the hood in front of the battery. Check them again as the main relay supplies voltage to all of the sensors on the engine.

replaced both relays (main and fuel pump, under the hood) with new ones, but it still not starting.

Problem solved. When I bought the , the heater core was leaking. There are a lot of plugs and connectors of the wiring harness right where the coolant was dripping on. The coolant got inside the connectors, corroded some wires and probably short circuited some other pins, which were preventing the car from starting. I cleaned everything up with an electric parts cleaner spray, dried everything up with a hair dryer connected the cut wires, and voila!, the car is running.--------

But if all checked ok then the problem relates to faulty computer it has to be replaced.--------