Monday, March 5, 2012

Procedure to replace Fuel Pressure Regulator on Acura Car models?

Please Note This details and procedure are For Acura 1986 to 1993 car models.

Its For Acura Integra,Legend and Vigor car models.

The details are as follows :-----

Fuel Pressure Regulator

See Figures 1 and 2
  1. Place a cloth or rag under the regulator. Be prepared to contain escaping fuel.
  2. Relieve the fuel system pressure at the fuel filter.
  3. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the regulator.
  4. Disconnect the fuel line from the regulator; plug the line to prevent spillage or the entry of dirt.
  5. Remove the 2 retaining bolts and remove the regulator.


Fig. Fig. 1: Removing the fuel pressure regulator-Integra and Legend

Fig. Fig. 2: Removing the fuel pressure regulator-Vigor
  1. Remove the O-ring from the regulator and discard it.
To install:
  1. Install a new O-ring on the regulator; coat the ring lightly with a thin coat of clean, fresh oil.
  2. Install the regulator, making sure the O-ring is not distorted or damaged. Tighten the retaining bolts to 9 ft. lbs. (12 Nm).
  3. Connect the fuel line.
  4. Install the vacuum line.

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