Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Replace Thermostat on Toyota Sienna?

The Toyota Sienna thermostat removal details.Procedure to replace Toyota Sienna.
The details with diagram to remove and install thermostat is as follows :----

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Drain and recycle the engine coolant.
  3. Remove the air cleaner cap with the hose.
  4. Disconnect the engine coolant temperature sensor(s) connectors.
  5. Disconnect the engine wire protector from the water inlet and cylinder head.
  6. Remove the bolt and disconnect the water inlet pipe from the water inlet. Remove the O-ring from the inlet.
  7. Remove the 3 nuts, water inlet and the thermostat.
  8. Remove the thermostat gasket and clean the gasket mating surfaces.
To install:
  1. Install a new thermostat gasket then place the thermostat in position. The thermostat jiggle valve must be aligned with the upper stud bolt.
    The jiggle valve must be within 15 degrees of either side of the stud bolt.
  2. Install the water inlet and tighten the nuts to 69 inch lbs. (8 Nm).

    Fig. The jiggle valve must be within 15 degrees of either side of the stud bolt-Sienna
  3. Install a new O-ring on the water inlet pipe. Apply soapy water to the O-ring prior to installation.
  4. Attach the inlet pipe to the water inlet. Tighten the bolt retaining the water inlet to the cylinder head to 14 ft. lbs. (19 Nm).
  5. Install the engine wire protector and engine coolant temperature switch connectors.
  6. Install the air cleaner cap and hose.
  7. Fill the cooling system
  8. Start the vehicle, check for leaks and recheck coolant level.

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