Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Car will not start just a clicking noise?

In this case the car was running fine,the customer waited for few minutes and after that car will not start and just get clicking noise.
The battery,the starter and ignition switch all checked out ok.

As per that the further troubleshooting is as follows:----

Ok. It sounds to me like you have a voltage drop problem somewhere. A short cut to maybe get the car home and also to help diagnose the problem; take the negative post of the battery and connect one end of your jumper cable to the battery and then the other end of the cable (same wire in cable set) directly to the engine block. Essentially you are creating a 2nd negative battery cable. Try starting the engine, if the engine starts then you likely have a bad negative cable or bad connection of that cable. You can also do this for the positive cable but more care is needed when attaching the cable to the starter to avoid arching.

You should also check to make sure the positive and negative cable connections are clean and tight where they attach to the engine block and the starter respectfully.

Connect a meter from ground to the postive connector on the fuse panel under the hood, the needle will swings and you should get voltage between 12 and 13.
If the voltage is less then you have confirm voltage drop.

In many cases the clicking noise is due to faulty fuse or loose connector or weak relay,that makes clicking noise.

This will help.

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