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You turn ON the car,then turn ON the AC ,but you notice no cooling or very less cooling.You try to set cooling level.But its set properly and cooling is not there.
So this indicates there is cooling problem on your car AC.

This problem has many reasons.Its not one possibility.
The problem is one but possibilities are many.

  • If refrigerant is low Ac will not cool or cool less.
  • If compressor is not turning on Ac will not cool.
  • If magnetic compressor clutch will not engage,then AC will not cool.
  • If AC controlling fuse or relay is blown, the AC will not cool.
  • If the compressor or clutch wiring's are short or loose then AC will not cool.

If you notice the Ac is not cooling due to low refrigerant, then its very much possible that refrigerant is got leaked or its getting blocked.The refrigerant can leak from compressor,or from O-Ring seals,or from hole in evaporator or condenser ,or the hoses are cracked or the cooling line from where refrigerant passes is got cracked.Before you recharge the AC refrigerant,its better to trace the leak,then get the leak sealed,by silicon sealants or from refrigerant sealants,then after its confirmed that leak is sealed,recharge the AC.

But if the refrigerant is not leaking,then its low refrigerant in the system.
The refrigerant trips low pressure switch .When low pressure switch trips, then only compressor clutch will engage.If the pressure of refrigerant is less, then low pressure switch will not get tripped.If the pressure switch is not tripping, the compressor clutch will not engage.If the compressor clutch is not engaging then compressor will not start.
NOW why the refrigerant pressure is low.The reason for this is refrigerant.If the refrigerant is got low in the system,then refrigerant pressure will be low.So in this case refrigerant needs to be recharged.

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BUT if the refrigerant is not leaking and refrigerant is not low and still you notice no cooling problem, then other possibility is problem with compressor magnetic clutch.The clutch should engage,then only compressor will will run and you get cool air.The compressor magnetic clutch will not engage due to faulty /short fuse or problem with clutch wiring.You need to test voltage at clutch.If you get voltage at clutch,this indicates that clutch wiring and fuse is ok.
But still with clutch getting voltage,if compressor is not getting engaged then problem is faulty magnetic clutch.The clutch needs to be replaced.So first confirm that refrigerant is not low or leaking.If refrigerant is low, then also clutch will not engage.But if refrigerant is proper and magnetic clutch is showing voltage,that means clutch wiring is not the issue, but clutch itself is faulty and compressor magnetic clutch needs to be replaced.

NOW if clutch is engaging but still compressor will not start or compressor makes noise, then compressor belt needs to be checked.If the compressor belt is looking intact, then problem is compressor itself.
Getting compressor replaced,is a technical job,should be done by proper Car AC tech or by professional HVAC tech.

Compressor getting failed is rare.Compressor is a strong part.But compressor usually fails due to its parts and supplies not maintained properly.Regular maintenance for compressor is required.Every six to eight months get your car AC components inspected and serviced in routine check up, by your local garage.Or at least you can Inspect the AC related parts.

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Compressor fails due to no lubrication done.If refrigerant gets low, the compressor has to work hard/run more to cool the inside of car and maintain its cooling level.If refrigerant and oil gets blocked the compressor load increases.The refrigerant and oil are parts which circulated through out compressor.If this liquid components are getting clogged or getting blocked in between due to any kind of dirt or dust in cooling line then compressor load increases.The compressor gets over heated.This decreases the life of compressor.
The compressor related problem are not one shot problem.This problems when started are not even noticed,because the problem is minor.Slowly slowly this problem gets major,when you notice no cooling or low cooling problem.And then the parts needs to be tested and replaced.So getting AC cooling system parts and other car engine and mechanical parts tested as routine check up helps to cure this problem and also it will not let this problem occur very soon.Also if any part is weak,you know that you can receive such problems in future.So you are ready to take action against that coming problem.

This troubleshooting will help you,to take care of your car AC cooling problems.

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