Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Compressor not running on refrigerator?

Compressor not running, its quite possible that compressor is faulty.But there is one more possibility, there is start up capacitor ,also known as run capacitor.This is beside the compressor.If this capacitor fails then also compressor will not run.I suggest replacing this capacitor first.If the compressor is still not running,after replacing the capacitor then its problem with compressor.But in most the cases,replacing this capacitor helps. Anyways compressor is very costly part to be replaced directly.So getting the capacitor replaced is worth.
You can get required parts from online sites like repairclinic.com or from sears online parts site. Also this parts are easily available at you local appliance parts store./
This should help.


Refrigerator is not cooling properly?

Both refrigerator and freezer not cooling properly in refrigerator?

The ice maker not working: ---

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