Saturday, October 15, 2011

Car AC making Noise?

Noise from car AC.You turn on your Car AC and you hear noise.
First inspect why this noise is heard.
Have you recently recharge you AC system with refrigerant and after that you are hearing this noise.
IF YES.Then may be you have over charged the AC system.The pressure is too much and that is causing the noise.
Another possibility.Do you hear noise from compressor.When compressor gets weak or near to faulty,very old.
You will hear the noise from compressor.This is time to replace compressor.
Also is the like compressor cycling on and off or clicking noise from compressor.Then this is due to faulty compressor clutch or your AC system is low on refrigerant.The refrigerant needs to be charged.

If you have added wrong oil or lubricant in compressor, then this will also cause noise.Using the wrong type of compressor oil or too much or too little oil while recharging refrigerant may result in compressor failure.

Also notice the brackets ,bolts and AC cooling line hoses.If the bolts are loose or hoses are clogged or brackets are loose.Then also you will hear noise.It will be rattling type of noise.Like metal to metal or vibrating noise.Inspect this components and re-tight them to stop this noise.

Also notice the Blower fan and motor.If the fan is getting obstructed by any thing or motor getting clogged,then also you will hear such noise.

So for the exact cause of noise.
First remember,when the noise exactly started.And next see where and which area of car is making noise.
It will take some time,But once you locate the place where the noise is coming.You will see the components in that area and can make better troubleshooting.

Regular maintenance and servicing of car, always helps in keeping the car trouble free.

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