Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Water dispenser not working on refrigerator?

For water not dispensing problem:----------
There possibility is ice blockage in the water fill tube. There is a tube from which the water runs and enters the water dispenser. If this tube is blocked then water will not flow, when you depress the water dispenser paddle. The tube needs to be defrosted, by using hair dryer. This procedure melts the ice collected in the tube and water starts running again. But if water fill tube is completely clear and no ice blockage or any other blockage. Then other possibility is water valve .This water valve is for letting the water. The main water valve the back of the fridge section. This main valve lets the water enter the refrigerator.This water valve is a twin valve.This valve has two tubes in it.One for water dispenser and one for ice maker chamber.The one side of valve is working, but other side of the valve is not working.The valve is got stuck in one position, so ice maker side is working, but water dispenser side is not working.--------
The valve is not a costly part and can be easily replaced.-----------------

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