Monday, October 24, 2011

Car noise problem?

There are many types of noise which your car makes.
You can go through this list to troubleshoot the noise problem in your car/ Truck or Jeep.

While starting the car, you hear some noise from engine compartment.Its not a one constant noise.But you know that its some kind noise coming every time you start the car and its from engine compartment.
In that case Check the starter and starter drive.The bolts holding the starter sometimes gets loose and cause this noise some times.

You are driving the car and when you apply brakes, you hear chattering noise from brake.
So first hear from where are getting this noise.From front of vehicle or rear of vehicle or the noise is heard from tire wheel area.

  • If the noise is coming from Front of the vehicle while applying brakes, then it can be the problem with front brake pad or front brake rotors. Both needs to be inspected.Worn or Damaged Brake Pad/Shoes.Warped or Uneven Brake Rotor Surface.Brakes Installed or Adjusted Incorrectly.Brake Pad/Shoe Contaminated With Grease or Brake Fluid. Check out this possibilities.
  • If the noise is coming from Rear of the vehicle,then in that case the problem is with rear brake pads and shoes.Or its problem with rear brake drums.Loose, Broken, Worn or Damaged Brake hardware.Check this possibilities.
  • If the noise is coming from tires and wheels while applying brakes,then all the brake and brake related components needs to be inspected.Brake pads( both front and rear),Brake rotor,Brake hardware,Brake drum,Brake power booster,brake braking plate.Brake Drum Glazed or Excessively Worn.Warped or Uneven Brake Rotor Surface.Excessively Worn Brake Drum.First all this components.If all this components check ok, then only check the wheel bearings,wheel alignment and wheel bearing nuts.The wheel related problem are very rare.But still if all brake and brake components checked ok, then check wheel related components.

3) Chattering noise coming while changing gears:---

You are driving your car,its driving fine, very smooth.But when you change gears, you notice some chattering noise coming from under the vehicle.In that case the transmission and transmission related components needs to be inspected.
Transmission fluid is low,transmission fluid is leaking,transmission fluid is full but its dirty.
If its Automatic transmission car, then check if transmission fluid is leaking in to vacuum systems.Or transmission shift linkage is causing the problem.
Incorrect Transmission Fluid Level.Contaminated Transmission Fluid.Modulator Leaking Fluid into Vacuum System.Worn, Damaged, or Improperly Adjusted Shift Linkage/Cable (A/T). This possibilities needs to be checked.

4) Chattering noise from transmission when clutch is engaged:---
You hear chattering noise when clutch engaged.In that case see inspect clutch related components.
Clutch disc,clutch springs,clutch plates,clutch cable,clutch linkage,clutch alignment.
Worn or Damaged Clutch Pressure Plate.Broken, Missing or Worn Pressure Plate Diaphragm Fingers.Broken, Missing or Weak Clutch Disc Springs.Contaminated Clutch or Pressure Plate Surface.Improperly Adjusted Clutch Cable or Linkage.
This possibilities needs to be checked when you have Automatic transmission.
But if you have automatic transmission,then in that also check Loose, Broken, Worn, or Damaged Transmission Mount.
This will help you.

5) Chattering noise under the vehicle while driving:---

You start the car,it runs,but while driving you get non stop chattering noise.In that case Check.

A) Clutch Bearing:-- Dry or Seized Clutch Bearing.Worn or Improperly Aligned Clutch Bearing.

B) Clutch Assembly:--Broken, Missing or Weak Clutch Disc Springs.Worn Pressure Plate Diaphragm Fingers.Contaminated Clutch or Pressure Plate Surface.Worn or Damaged Clutch Pressure Plate.

C) Flywheel (Automatic Transmission):--- Warped Flywheel or Pressure Plate.

D) Ring Gear (Manual Transmission):--- Worn, Damaged, or Faulty Ring Gear.

6) Chattering while only while  turning:----

You are driving your car its running fine without any noise or problem.But noise comes when you take left or right turn.In that case inspect the Rear AXLE.Differential Fluid Type.Wrong Gear Oil in Differential.Inspect the gear oil in differential,either its got low or its dirty or may be you got wrong oil filled in differential.
This will help.

7) Chattering noise from windshield when wipers are turned ON.
The car is running fine,but as soon as you turn on your wipers you hear chattering noise from windshield.
In that case inspect the wiper Arm and Wiper blade.
Worn or Dirty Wiper Blade.Worn or Damaged Wiper Arms.
Both needs to be checked.If its dirty, then try cleaning and see.If the problem is same then parts needs to be replaced.

8) Car backfires from engine compartment while Accelerating:---

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9) Car backfires from exhaust compartment while Accelerating :---
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