Sunday, October 16, 2011

2002 Ford Escape will not start,just make clicking noise?

The load clicking noise you are hearing is in most cases cause by a chattering starter solenoid and this is usual caused by a bad battery and or dirty connections to the battery. I would start with testing the battery and cleaning the cable connections to it.

Find the battery junction box(underhood fuse panel) look for the location of the ST ISO relay. Remove the relay and look at the bottom of it and you should see the pins numbered. Take a jumper wire and connect it to your battery positive cable then touch it to connector where pin 30 of the relay would be and see if the starter spins over then.
If it still just clicks then remove the starter bolts one at a time and see if the threads are burnt black. If they are then this could be causing your starter to loose ground. Take and clean them with a wire brush until you have all the black off of them.
If it spins over when you touch the wire to pin 30 then swap the relay with one of the other relays there and see if this cures the problem.

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