Monday, October 24, 2011

horn not working on 1998 jeep Cherokee?

Couple of things need to be tested.
Be sure Horn Fuse has voltage on both sides
Be sure Horn Relay has Voltage & test or exchange relay (see below)
You can also find the thin BLACK/RED (-) wire at the Steering Column Harness under dash & briefly touch a grounded wire to the BLACK/RED (-) wire to see if the Horn Relay or Horn works, this will tell you if the Horn Switch is bad
HORN RELAY located in Fuse / Realy box


1. Measure the resistance between the horn mounting bracket and a good ground. There should be no measurable resistance. if OK, go to Step 2. If not OK, repair the horn ground connection as required. 
2. Unplug the horn wire harness connector. Depress the horn switch. There should be battery voltage at the horn relay output circuit cavity of horn wire harness connector. If OK, replace the faulty horn(s). If not OK, repair the open circuit to the horn relay as required.
The horn switch is only serviced as a part of the airbag module trim cover. If the horn switch should fail, or if the airbag is deployed, the airbag module trim cover and horn switch unit must be replaced.

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