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How to locate Car AC Refrigerant leak?

Refrigerant is in the Car AC system.If the refrigerant will leak,then AC will not cool.You will notice no or low cooling problems.

Refrigerant leak is no a good sign for Car AC.
Tracing the refrigerant leak needs to test complete refrigerant line,seals,hoses,fitting,joints,pressure test ,etc etc.

The seals and hoses gets old and form cracks in them.Also they get old and loose they grip and get worn out and cause leaks.First inspecting the seals and hoses is advisable. Very little amount of refrigerant actually leaks from cars of old models.This refrigerant use to leak because or hoses with microscopic pores.The refrigerant gets leaked from this pores in the hoses.But that leak is very very minor and negligible.
But on newer model nowadays latest cars this microscopic hoses are replaced to barrier style hoses.Sop the refrigerant leak is near to none on this type of hoses.
But still the hoses and seals both needs to be inspected.Either its newer style or old style vehicles.

But if you dont get leak any where.Then you need to do it with leak test procedure.

On old car models R12A refrigerant is used and on new car models R134A refrigerant is used.
If your car uses R12A refrigerant in AC system then check for oil drops,spots or wet spots on  AC cooling line.If you notice oil stains or wet spots on hoses, seals or on AC cooling line, then this indicates that there is a refrigerant leak.

This do not implies on R134A refrigerant using system.R134A systems uses PAG lubricants.This lubricants will not leave oil spots on AC line or hoses or on seals.

On newer systems.You need to do this test.This test can be performed on older car AC systems also.

You get special colored dye at local auto parts store.This dye is used to detect the AC refrigerant leaks.This dye is  available in pressurized cans premixed with refrigerant.You have to mix this dye with your cars AC system refrigerant.Add a can of "leak detector" to the system and then look for the presence of the colored dye around hose connections and fittings.If you noticed this colored dye,then there is a leak on that spot.

Most professionals at car garages  use an "electronic" leak detector  tool.This leak detector tool reacts to the presence of refrigerant in air. Such detectors are extremely sensitive and can detect very smallest of leak,which you many a times miss with visual inspection.
There is electronic leak detector available at local auto parts store.If there is a leak, the device will detect.

There is one more procedure to detect and trace the leak.In that procedure, you will have a make a bowl of soapy water.Use a soap that gives more bubbles.Then apply that soapy water to the AC line,AC refrigerant seals,hoses and also joints,from where AC cooling refrigerant passes.Then turn on the AC,turn it to MAX.If there is a leak in the line, then you will notice bubbles getting created there.Once you detect the leak.Turn off the AC.Most leak repairs involve replacing O-rings, seals or hoses. But if you notice the leak on the evaporator or condenser area then  repairs will be costly.

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