Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What are the possibilities for Clicking noise in car?

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There are many possibilities.The first thing to trace this clicking noise,you have to confirm whether you hear this noise while driving the car or it just makes clicking noise as you turn on the car,to start position.

Some times if there is a shorting problem of fuse or relay in fuse box,then car will make clicking noise as soon as you turn on the car,this noise comes from under the dash fuse box panel or from under hood fuse box panel.

There are many other possibilities too.

Now if you hear clicking noise when turning the steering wheel,then steering wheel pinion and rack needs to be inspected.The steering rack and pinion gears gets worn out/rubbed off and cause clicking noise.
Also possibility can be weak car battery. Battery gives power to starter and starter motor starts spinning and car starts,if the battery gets weak,then starter will not receive proper voltage and you will hear clicking noise.

Other possibility can be wheel bearing.When the car runs,the wheel spin,if the clicking noise is like metal to metal noise then inspect wheel bearing and wheel nuts.If the wheel bearings are worn out,then it needs to be replaced,if the nuts holding the wheel gets loose then you will hear clicking noise from wheel area.

Another area from where,you can hear clicking noise is engine area under the hood.There is engine cooling fan.If the fan blades are cracked or getting banged to its side metal,you will hear the clicking noise.Another possibility is fan motor.If the fan motor gets weak,it will make such clicking noise.In some cases its heard,about this fan motor causing clicking problem.

This are the basic possibilities from where ,the maximum time clicking problem is noticed.But there are many other possibilities,in that cases you need a technicians help.
In that case,you have to disassemble few parts and notice the noise.
It can be drive belt issues or pulley issues,the pulleys on which the drive belt spins.It can be loose tensioner or Axle bearing issues.

This basic details will help.

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