Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chirping Noise From Car?

Chirping noise from car.
First confirm,when you are noticing this noise.While driving or while applying brakes.Then see from which area this noise is coming.Take help of helper,to get the noise area confirmed.Once you confirm the area of chirping noise,then you can see to the parts in that area.

This chirping noise is not a new or rare problem in cars and trucks.There are many other users too facing this noise.
The basic possibility and most common possibility which other users notice in this chirping noise problem is mentioned below:------

Go through the list as follows :-----

Brake pads:---- Brake pads worn out and cause this chirping noise.Brake pads comes with basic thickness,by time the pad thickness gets rubbed off,and this causes the brake pad to chirp.If you notice that chirping noise is coming from brake pads,then please go for branded parts,instead of getting third grade non branded cheap parts.Original parts are bit costly,but comes with high quality metals and brake lining material.The original parts give you correct results in fitting as well as in performance too.

Another possibility for chirping noise is serpentine belt,also known as drive belt or Accessory belt.

Serpentine belt:----- This belt supplies power to Accessory parts of the car like steering system,water pump,Alternator,AC ,etc etc .This belt is connected via drive pulleys.If this belt get worn,it gets loose or over stretched and this can cause chirping noise,when the engine is running.To confirm if belt is problem,inspect the condition of serpentine belt,if its loose,cracked,looks very old,see in the belt groves,the cracks will be noticed there.If  belt is the issue,then replace the belt, don't try to to lubricate the belt and reuse same belt.It will any how get cracked in some time and also ruin the pulleys and alignment.This chirping is indicating you to replace the belt.

But if you see the belt and it looks absolutely fine,but it looks loose,then other possibility can be belt tensioner.This tensioner helps to maintain the belt tension.The belt tensioner is responsible for holding pressure on the belt using an idler pulley with a coil spring.If this tensioner is faulty,then it has to be replaced.

If you check serpentine belt and tensioner and both looks fine and not causing this chirping noise,then other possibility for this noise is sensor.Please note,this sensor is basically on Ford model cars and trucks.
After 1990 year model ford vehicles have this sensor.
So first properly inspect and confirm,serpentine belt,tensioner,brake pads.If all this parts looks fine and you have ford vehicle,then inspect the sensor.This sensor is called Cam Angel Sensor.In short this sensor is called CAS.
 This sensor assembly is basically a distributor housing with a sensor and trigger plate mounted to a center shaft and is driven by the camshaft.
To confirm if CAS is problem,remove the drive belt and start the engine,if you notice same noise,then CAS is the problem.Before removing old CAS assembly,please note its actual position.The new CAS should go in exact same position.Many users face this problem while fitting New CAS,so please note its actual position.

If your vehicle is ford or not a ford model.But if all above possibilities checked ok,then to inspect this chirping problem,you need to check bearings.The bearings to all the parts like alternator,starter,water pump,steering pump etc etc .To inspect the bearings,remove drive and spin each part by hand.If you notice then while spinning alternator by hand,you notice chirping noise then alternator bearing is faulty and needs replacing.In the same way check all accessories one by one.Replace the bearing for faulty part.If you notice high grinding noise and bearing is rough to move then that particular accessory itself is problem.In some cases you can disassemble the unit and replace the failed bearing with a new unit and reassemble, but in accessories like a water pump the bearings are not serviceable.You have to replace it as complete unit.

Another bearing which can fail and cause chirping noise is Axle bearing.Its a high quality steel material bearing,which supports the automobiles/vehicles wight by allowing the wheels to spin/rotate.When this bearing fails,the metal to metal contact increases.On some car models,there is bearing hub assembly,in that case,remove hub assembly and then replace the bearing and refit the as it was fitted before.

This are the basic possibilities which most of the times cause this chirping noise.But in some vehicles there are few more possibilities like 
drive shaft u joins or universal joints and clutch issues causing this chirping noise.
So first inspect the above mentioned possibilities,but if you are conformed that all checked ok,then inspect u joints and clutch components.
The universal joint is rotating junction that can be flexible while still transferring energy from the engine to the rear differential.Inspect the U joint and look for a dirty rust or rust powder around the bearing cups. This rust colored powder is caused by metal disintegrating and is a sign of universal joint failure. Universal joint has to be replaced it cannot be repaired.
And for clutch related chirping noise.It all depends on what transmission your car model have.Is it automatic transmission or manual transmission.
The transmission gets disconnected from your cars engine when you stop your car.On automatic transmission torque converter needs to be inspected,but on manual transmission clutch has to be inspected.The clutch is not a one unit,it has many sub components in it.Like clutch disc,clutch plates,cable ,bearings etc etc.This all needs to be inspected.

This are all list of possibilities,that can cause this chirping noise problem.
Getting this parts and possibilities inspected will help you to trace and confirm the problem.

This will help.Thanks.

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