Sunday, November 27, 2011

How To Select Right Car Insurance?

Car insurance is somewhere necessary and in some states its compulsory.In some cities/ countries its crime to drive with getting your car insured.
Most of the car users get lazy and just buy any car insurance because its rule.They dont study ,dont research.They go to nearest car insurance agent and tell them you book one good car insurance.The agent,without thinking of buyer,will provide you the policy,in which he gets major amount of commission.
This is wrong procedure.

Think what you do,when you go to buy a car.You will see number of car models,you will see all car styles,accessories,its functions,its mileage,its driving system.How smooth the car is to drive.Many users are color specific.They just go for that favorite color.And why not to go,when your are paying for it,so you go for the best.
But while buying insurance,they just loose all interest and go for any third grade ,non branded cheapest insurance.

Dont get over confident on your driving.
Its not always you,that makes accident,sometimes the accidents are due to other rash-less,rough drivers.You will drive safe,but the opposite side driver will commit the mistake and accident can occurs.In some cases accidents are minor,you will forget that and move on,but think if major accident occurs then,who will bear your car repair bills,who will pay to the injuries of you and other passengers in car,who will pay for other miscellaneous damages near by.
At that time,you will definitively think of auto insurance.You will ask,this question yourself,that if you have bought the best auto insurance that time,then this after accident pains will be very much less.

So Always choose correct auto insurance policy.To get good and valuable insurance policy,
You will need to do some research.Your friend or your neighbor,your relative,your local insurance agent,your lawyer(if any),your CA( chartered accountant).This all sources will give you reviews about insurance policy,they own.They will give you review about particular policy,they  deal with.So this will point you towards few list of Auto insurance policy.
At this point, don't just decide best policy out of it.
Now go to the biggest source.That is Internet.
Internet is the biggest help,for all searches.
You can just search on net for best insurance terms like for example " best car insurance in California or best car insurance in NJ or you can search best car insurance in south Africa etc etc.In what state/country you reside,just search for best car insurance in that city/state/area.This will give you lists of insurance companies.Now after you get the list.
Just get free insurance quote online.Get quotes from few insurance companies.Then compare the quotes.Now  after that select few policies out of them and Get help from your CA about the tax benefit in that policies.Out of that select the best car insurance.

This details will help you.Thanks.

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