Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brake System Troubleshooting?

Latest brake system are made for easy maintenance and service with all modern and required features.
Basically most of the cars used ABS brakes.If you notice problems like brake pedal hard.You try hard and it gets pushed,then this is indication of  problem with cracked vacuum line or issue with brake power booster.
If you notice brake pedal spongy or if pedal  takes excessive time to travel ,then problem is related to brake fluid.Either the fluid is leaked or brake fluid is got low or the brake fluid which you used is of not good quality.Always use manufacturer recommend brake fluid for your car.Refer your cars manual and confirm what brake fluid your car requires.Please don't go for cheaper and third grade non branded parts or oil or fluids.Always use recommended and original branded products.They last long,and they give exact results.
If you notice squealing or grumbling noise when applying brakes,then this is indication of worn out brake pads or brake rotors.If you have already replace brake related components and still you are getting same problems.Then its quite possible that your brake components and brake lines needs to be cleaned and serviced.Rust/dirt gets collected and settled in brake lines and brake parts and cause this problems.Always inspect the brake component area,before replacing parts.Just replacing worn out part,without cleaning the area,is not always good.Service your brake parts at regular intervals.

To know about working procedure of ABS brake systems.
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