Thursday, November 17, 2011

how odometer works in cars?

Odometer is a mileage indicator of your car.How many miles your car traveled.If you want to know,then your cars odometer will let you know.If you notice,that your car is giving less mileage,then you continue troubleshooting in getting low mileage problem repairs.
In that way,odometer is one of the important aspect of your cars dash panel.
There are basically two types of odometers.
One is mechanical and other is electronic.
Most of the vehicle has mechanical odometers,but now a days newly launched and newer model vehicle uses electronic odometer.Electronic odometers are digital meter.
The readout of the mechanical odometer uses 6 rolling disks with numbers 1 through 9. Electronic odometers give you a digital readout of the mileage. The reading of odometer is displayed under speedometer.
Electronic odometer is introduced,because of problems occurring is mechanical odometers.In mechanical odometers there are gears and dials.This parts by time get worn out and causes problem.

On newer model cars the odometer is equipped with a trip meter.Its also called trip odometer that allows the user to check the mileage of any particular distance separate from the main odometer. The trip odometer can be reset by the user.There is press button to reset trip odometer.

While buying or selling second hand cars,the mechanic first check the number of miles the car is driven.But now a days,some fraud sellers,just open the top of odometer plastic glass and then spin the meter gears to make miles bit less ,then its actually traveled.This is possible,so be-aware of this trick. While buying a second hand car/truck.

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