Thursday, November 17, 2011

How does cars Windshield Wiper System Works

Windshield means front glass.The main front glass of the car.This glass should be properly cleaned.If this glass is dirty,then driver will not be able to see,what going on in front.This can sometimes cause serious accidents.

So to keep the front windshield clean,there are wipers.This are known as windshield wipers.This wipers helps in cleaning rain, debris, and moisture from the windshield. To get more clean glass,this wipers comes with corrugated ridges.On rainy days,this wipers are used most,to get rid of water collected on windshield.But on summer days,when there is dust collected on the front glass,this wipers will not slide that easily.In that case,you need the front glass bit wet,then only wiper will be able to clean the glass.For that case,on every car models there is a water collecting box under the hood.You have to fill the chamber with water.On older cars there was handel and on newer cars there is a button.By moving the handel or pressing the button,the water sprays from the chamber to the glass.Then start wiper option and get the front glass cleaned.

This wipers woks with the help of motor.This is called wiper motor.This wiper operated by electric motor,using a series of connecting arms or linkage.On older vehicles the wiper working was simple,by motor.But now a days,this wiper motor comes with speeds.For fast wiping use high speed,for normal cleaning,use other speed.Also in some model cars,they have introduced rear wiper,this is a single wiper to clean the center on window.

If any time,you notice,that your cars wiper is not functioning well.Then first inspect the wiper fuse,this all electrical circuit of wiper is controlled by fuse.The fuse is located in the cars fuse box.Basically in cars,there are 2 fuse boxes.One under hood and other under dash,its called as instrument panel fuse box.The exact location of the fuse will be mentioned in your cars owners manual or in some car models there is diagram given on the fuse box.In that diagram the name of fuse and its location in mentioned.

But if you notice that fuse is working good,then other possibility can be faulty wiper motor.When you apply the wiper function,do you hear any kind of humming or roaring noise.If yes then motor is working,in that case wiper arms needs to be checked.The wiper arms are not moving the linkage connected to the wiper motor has become disconnected. Disassemble to inspect linkage, repair as needed then reassemble and recheck system.

But if you notice that wiper arms and linkages all connected fine,then problem is weak motor.When the motor gets weak,it will still work,but work very slow.But in that case motor has to be replaced.Weak motor is near to dead motor,can stop working any time.

Don't use windshield wipers to remove ice from your windshield in the winter; this can cause damage to the wipers. To remove ice from the windshield an ice scraper should be used. The wiper arms are connected to the metal frame on the lower side windshield( front glass).If you notice that your wipers arms got loose or this arms are worn out cracked,then don't use wipers,get the arms replaced.If not replaced,this will damage the front glass.Either rashes or slight cracks can get created on glass.

Always get branded quality parts,instead of third grade,non branded cheap auto parts.The branded parts are costly,but they last long and are exactly compatible in alignment and fitting.They give exact results like new.

This details will help.Thanks.

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