Monday, November 28, 2011

Must buy Coverage for Auto Insurance?

There are some recommended auto insurance coverage levels,that every insurance policy should cover.
In USA car insurance is must for every car.Driving a car without insurance is against the law.Its a huge fine for non-insured cars.Also if a car met an accident any day,then insurance is the biggest help to repay the damages and injury bills.

There are many companies dealing with car/auto insurance.
All companies have there plans and coverage.Its all you have to decide what to select and what no to select.
But basically,always try to include few coverage like
Collision insurance,Medical liability insurance,Comprehensive insurance,Personal Injury protection plan.
There are many other coverage's,but getting this above mentioned coverage will be helpful.Dont just buy typical auto insurance coverage.

In collision insurance:--- Collision with cars, buildings, lampposts, or anything that the car collides into is covered under this policy. Collision insurance protects the driver even if the other driver involved in collision does not have the required liability insurance.Also this coverage pays you,if your car driver is under fault.

In medical liability insurance:--- Injuries caused to the your car driver and to opposite car driver,both gets covered.If you don't have this medical coverage in your auto insurance policy,then you have to bear with-all this injury bills,which can be many a times huge amount,in cases of fatal accidents.

In Comprehensive insurance:--- The car gets safety in case of natural disasters.Or if car is damaged by theft service or gets destroyed/burned in fire.So you never know,what other things can damage your car.But this insurance covers this options and gives you claim,if such problems occur.They will inspect the car and then estimate your claim.

Personal Injury protection insurance:----
This plan is near to same as medical insurance.But in medical insurances the claim is sometimes just 40 to 50 percent,at that time this personal injury plan comes ion to help.This plan covers some more aspects to cover the injury loss.

So when ever you buy ,auto insurance policy,please make sure that this coverage's are included in your policy.Getting more coverage's will be additional benefit.

This will help.


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