Thursday, November 17, 2011

How Seat Belts Work?

This basic summary will help you to understand car seat belt and its working.

Seat belts or safety belts.Both means same.This safety belts secures the passenger in the vehicle seat in case of an accident.Seat belts are part of the occupant restraint system.First the seat belt was just a common belt,but not a days many seat belt designs have been developed for several different applications.The belt is the three point seat belt found in most cars. This belt is attached in three places,1 towards the top of the side pillar and two mount near the rear of the seat bottom.There is facility in belts to increase and decrease the length of belt size.It also comes in various colors,as per actual car seats color.Also there is a rule for driver and person sitting beside the driver,to use seat belt while driving.It has to be worn over the waist and shoulder and are is automatically adjusted by a seat belt tension device.The belt is made up of flexible/stretchable material.For the car owners using children seats or seats for there toddler.On that seats,there is another type of seat belt used.If its 5 point seat belt,which is meant for more safety.

The seat belts working is got changing be years,its reason is same,the protection of the driver and passenger beside driver.But on non air bag model cars,the seat belt used to get locked by inertia switch.On air bag model cars the seat belt used to get adjusted with the help of a piston, which is driven by expanding gas.This procedure is bit automatic.In this automatic seat belt systems,its detected by sensors in the car.This sensors give indication to the cars computer,that seat belt are properly tied up.There is a seat belt warning light on dash.If there is problem with seat belt wearing or ,if its not tied properly,the seat belt light will trigger the driver,to check seat belts.

Its advisable to use/tie-up seat belt while driving.This is for safety purpose.
This details will help.


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