Sunday, November 27, 2011

Auto Insurance for women?

Car insurance or Auto insurance is not same for male and female.
The cost of Auto insurance for women's is bit less then men's.This is because,percentage of accidents by women's is far less then male drivers.Women drivers follow traffic rules more carefully.They drive carefully and slowly.
Also while providing auto insurance for women, the type/model of car is also considered.It is mostly seen that women do not opt to drive a sports car or a luxury car which means that the women drivers may not be expected to exceed any road speed limits hence cutting down the risk of accidents.
Also the in all track record of women car drivers is very much clear accident and driving wise so due to this,the insurance rates for women is far less compared to men drivers.
This rates may be increase in future,if lots of women opt to drive,but as per present stat,the insurance charges are cheaper for women's.

Male drivers should learn some driving lessons from women drivers.
In 80 percent of car accidents male drivers are seen.

Drive slow,drive safe.Think you and think of others too.
Get insured and follow traffic rules.
This will help you to stay away from car accidents.