Sunday, November 27, 2011

How To Claim Car Insurance After Accident?

First of all,car insurance/ auto insurance is very much necessary for safety and benefits of your car.Also in US its crime and against the law,if you drive your car without insurance.
Get policy from good companies.Choose correct and helping insurance agent.Keep all contact details and information about your insurance company and agent in your car handy.If possible get auto insurance policy,which covers complete damage of car and other injuries.Don't just buy normal car safe insurance,which hardly covers ant damages.Properly read your policy and understand the rules of claim.Pay your insurance premiums right on time,with out bouncing any pay cheque.
Now the point of conversation.Suppose your car faces an accident.
Then its advisable for you to give call to your car insurance company.Keep the insurance details xerox copy always in your car,with complete policy details and contact info's.
But before you give a call :--- Follow this steps for betterment of getting claim.
Click photos/pics of car accident damages.Get help of local police.If you are in a contact of lawyer,this its a additional benefit.
Many insurance agencies,with try to decrease the accident claim returns.But its your lawyer,who will help you to get complete claim or most of the max claim returns.
Don't just get settled with estimates for car damages.Get confirm return with written.As this procedure will take approx 2 to 3 working days.So be patience,but if its taking long,then ask your lawyer to get further details from the auto insurance company.If you have bought the policy from insurance agent,then ask your agent to force the insurance company to give your claim as early as possible.
Once the claim is passed,then it may take few days for you to get the money.But getting your claim passed is main procedure.
You insurance policy agent is mediator between you and the insurance company.So get all work,done by him correctly.Choosing the right insurance agent is big task.You have to get all details about the agents reputation from its nearby's  and other policy buyers, who has booked policy from him.
Please be polite with insurance agent and the insurance providing company executives.Dont use foul language.
Car getting into an minor or major accident is worst thing for any car owner.Some accidents creates lots of fights and arguments.
Please control yourself and also protect yourself.
Dont get panicked or hyper in such situations.
Always drive safe,drive slow,take care while driving .Dont break traffic rules and be cool while driving.
Getting car/auto insurance for your vehicle is best decision by you for your car and yourself.

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