Sunday, November 27, 2011

Auto Insurance Rates For Female Drivers?

Many non insurance knowledgeable sources mention that,insurance rates for female drivers for women's is more.Women drivers don't drive properly,women drivers are not following rules,female drivers get feared on highways and create major accidents.Etc etc.
But this are all false and absolutely wrong talks.
The research and results say,that women drivers are very safe drivers.Yes its agreed,that number of women drivers are very less, compared to male drivers,but still women drivers are quite safe drivers compared to there male counterparts.
The insurance rates for women/female drivers is less then male drivers.Female drivers hardly get caught for breaking traffic rules.They drive very carefully and follow all traffic rules respectively.Rash driving,rough driving,overtaking other cars,this cases are hardly registered for female drivers.
Also most of the women drivers opt to drive small and basic regular model cars,instead of sports car or more big cars.Due to this reason also,there car accident rate is near to nil.
Research shows,women driver are better then male drivers.

A tip to control pollution:--- Ban all male drivers.
As per women drivers total,the pollution will be very much in control,as well as the accidents.
Jokes apart.

Male or Female driver.Insurance is necessary.Getting insurance is safety for you,as well as your car and also major accident damages.
Be insured and drive safe.

This will help.Thanks.

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