Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Full coverage auto insurance?

In America,its a law to get your car insured.If your car is running/driving on the road without insurance,then its against the law.
You may be fined for this.
Basically in all countries,there is car insurance and its also necessary.
Some car owners just get their car insurance,because its law.They actually dont know what is insurance.
Knowing your insurance is must,just getting insurance without any detail of the policy is like wasting your hard earned money.

The basic  Auto insurance  policy only covers the cars damage and nothing.But what is the use of that.
Its 50--50 chance.Some accidents are minor and some are major..In minor accidents you car gets rubbed by road side or rubbed by opposite coming car.But in major accidents,you get injured,you car get damaged,in some cases the driver in another car gets injured,the passengers in the cars gets injured badly,the passer by on the road gets injured,the property gets damaged.This is major accident.In this cases,you definite need full auto coverage insurance.

So instead of buying simple basic insurance policy,where you hardly get claim for any thing,buy full auto insurance.
You will ask me what is the best policy,that has full coverage of auto insurance.
Then i will say,there is no best policy.Each and every policy looses its charm in few days.The other companies just launch,better and better policies.Its not like this is bad policy and this is good policy.All branded policies are good and non branded local policies are less good.
Branded policies are costly,but they give quick results while claim is acclaimed and they give more benefits.In non branded local policies the cost is cheap,but there process is slow and the benefit range is very narrow.
So going with branded policy of its time is better option.At last its all on you,what you choose.

To know more about auto insurance policies,internet is the best source.Get install full coverage auto insurance quotes.
Some sites ask you to pay ,few dollars,directly ignore this sites.On internet,there are number of sites,which provides free insurance quotes in all fields on insurance.From auto to property,from health to wealth etc etc.
So no need to pay and get quotes.
For getting quotes,you will asked to give your exact age,gender ,you car age,car model etc etc.If any case the site is asking your credit card or your debit card or your bank account detail,then ignore that site directly.
But basically good websites dont ask this and there are many good sites,that provide free insurance quotes instantly.

But if you dont have internet or if you are not able to select the right policy,then other option is your insurance agent.There are many insurance agent offices locally.Visit few good insurance agents and get details for the policy and select right policy out of that.
Some policy will benefit you and some will not.So understand the policy,before buying.Dont just blindly trust your agent,know and learn your policy.read it completely,then buy it.

Getting insurance policy for you or your car is not a difficult task.But main difficulty is selecting right policy.