Monday, November 28, 2011

Auto insurance Premium Rates?

Every car owner,goes for car insurance.Accidents,thefts issue,natural disaster,driving abilities etc etc.All this aspects worries the car owner,and getting car insured helps to reduce this stress.
So its advisable to get car insurance.
There are few  factors,which affects your car insurance Rates.
Every insurance company,go by this factors,before providing the insurance.

The Area: Also its called Geographical area in terms on insurance.This is inspected,because some areas are very  prone for natural disasters.In USA there are many such areas,where natural disasters like storm/wind comes.This causes damage to  many public and private property.So keeping that in mind the insurance company will decide the rate of insurance as per buyers area.

Other Aspect is car model and brand:--- Some cars are to be problem,there are many service bulletin recalls issued by the car companies.Some cars are very much in news for its various problems.So the company will research your car models issues and then decide the premium rates for your policy.

Another Factor that increases the Premium rate of insurance is DRIVERS record.The drivers record is vey important aspect while getting car /auto insurance.The company will confirm the drivers record.If the driver is not following traffic rules,if he is a rash less,careless driver etc etc.Then insurance rates will be high for such car driver.So always driving safe and following all traffic rules help,in getting car insurance for lesser premium rates.

One more Aspect is Drivers AGE:---
As per Auto insurance companies,they consider teenage driver and older age drivers above 55 as risky driver.The result shows,that this drivers are majorly noticed in car accidents.Either due to fear or due to there over confident nature.So the premium insurance rates for this age groups is bit higher then others.

But very clear driving record and safe driving,this helps you to decrease your premium rates.Getting car from good company and recall free or very less problematic can help you lower your car insurance rates.

This are the basic factors,which most of the car insurance provider will go through before providing you the car insurance.

This details will help.

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