Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to reset a TI-83 plus calculator?

The reset is as follows:----
1) Press 2nd then MEM which is above the + key
2) Press 7 to reset
3) Press 2 for defaults
4) Press 2 again to reset defaults
5) Press enter and you're done.

If this reset is not helping then try another procedure:------
  • Turn off your TI-83 Plus.

  • Open the battery panel on the back of the calculator and remove one of the AAA batteries. Keep this battery handy, as you'll need it again.

  • Press the "Clear" button, and keep it held down.

  • Put the battery back in and turn on the calculator, with the "Clear" button still held down. When the calculator's screen displays the message "RAM Cleared," release the "Clear" button.

  • Remove one of the calculator's batteries again. This time, hold down the "Del" key.

  • Reinsert the battery and turn on the calculator. Release the "Del" key when the screen reads "Waiting...Please install calculator software now."

  • Use the TI Connectivity cable to connect your calculator to your computer. Run the TI Connect software to reinstall the calculator's operating system. If you don't have an up-to-date copy of TI Connect, see Resources.

  • Turn off the calculator and disconnect the TI Connectivity cable. Remove the AAA batteries, as well as the small, circular lithium battery.

  • Wait five minutes before putting the batteries back in. Turn on your calculator.


    If you dont have TI CONNECT SOFTWARE.Please click the link below:----



    This is troubleshooting guide for your calculator.Please click the link and go through it.Before following any procedure:-----



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