Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to replace passenger side mirror on 2003 Olds Bravada?

  • You have to remove the door panel, this panel has a very large amount of plastic pins holding it on. There are three nuts holding the mirror on the door, undo the 6 pin plug first. Then the mirror will come off with the removal of all the nuts. Just reverse the procedure. There are screws behind the panel behind the interior door handle, and inside the area under the power window panel.-------------

    Pop the cover off the inside of the door that hides the mounting nuts for the mirror by pulling on it.

  • Pull the Bravada's mirror wire harness out of the sub frame located behind the cover. Disconnect it.

  • Remove the three bolts that hold the mirror onto the door with a socket and ratchet.

  • Pull the mirror straight out away from the door and then insert the new mirror into the Bravada's door.

  • Secure the mirror to the Bravada with the three bolts, socket and ratchet.

  • Plug the harness in and push it back into the sub frame of the door.

  • Place the cover back onto the inside of the door and press it into place.

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