Thursday, April 14, 2011

how to remove oil pan on ford expedition 4wd?

Place transmission in Neutral. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove dipstick. Raise and support vehicle. On 4WD vehicles, remove skid plate and transfer case. See TRANSFER CASE article in TRANSFER CASES. Mark drive shaft(s) and axle flange or yoke for reassembly reference. Remove drive shaft(s). 2. Disconnect oil cooler lines and filler tube from transmission. Plug all oil cooler line openings.
See image below:---
The image is quite big, so it will not seen full.In that case:---------------- Right click on the image and select option "open image in new web" if the image is not seen full or its very small to see.-----------

The image is quite big, so it will not seen full.In that case:---------------- Right click on the image and select option "open image in new web" if the image is not seen full or its very small to see.-----------


The image is quite big, so it will not seen full.In that case:---------------- Right click on the image and select option "open image in new web" if the image is not seen full or its very small to see.----

Item------------------- Part number ---------------------Description
1 -------------------------7917----------------------------Snap ring
2 ------------------------7A153--------------------Ring gear
3--------------------------7064 ----------------------Snap ring
4-------------------------7A398--------------------------Front planet
5--------------------------7100----------------------Reduction hub
6----------------------7D164---------------------Output shaft hub
7-------------------------7106--------------------Lockup collar and assy
8----------------------------7289---------------------Reduction shift fork assy
9-------------------------7A029------------------Drive chain assy
10------------------------7177--------------------Driven sprocket
11-----------------------7917----------------------Snap ring
12--------------------------7025-------------------Bearing (front output shaft support)
13--------------------------7L027--------------------Oil pan magnet
14----------------Alignment dowel (part of 7005)
15-------------------------7C207-----------------Transfer case stud
16----------------------------7B215 ------------------oil seal
17-------------------------------7C016-------------------Dust shield

18-----------------------------7061--------------------Front output shaft with dust shield
19-------------------------7034----------------------Vent20-Cap (part of 7034)
21-----------------------------Oil seal (part of 7005)
23-------------------------------------7061------------------Output shaft
24------------------------------7A149---------------Oil pump assy
25- --------------------------hose clamp (part of 7A098)
27------------------------------7A098-----------------------Oil pickup and filter
28--------------------------7C341----------------------Thrust washer (bearing race)
29---------------------------7D221-----------------------Thrust bearing
30------------------------------7C341------------------------Thrust washer (bearing race)
31-------------------------------7177------------------------Drive sprocket assy
32------------------------------7C108------------------------Clutch pack assy
33-------------------------------7917---------------------------Snap ring
34-----------------------------7Z104-----------------------------Insulator washer
35-----------------------------7H150------------------------Clutch pack plate (hold armature)
36----------------------------7E085---------------------------Wave spring
38--------------------------7A534-----------------------------Balls (cam/coil assy)
39--------------------------7G362---------------------------Cam/coil housing
40--------------------------7005Case (rear half)------------------
41----------------------------7A443-------------------------Bolt (transfer case) - (20)
42--------------------------N620480S2----------------------Coil nuts
43-----------------------7A010--------------------Case plug
44----------------------N800670S-----------------------Wire loom/electric shift motor bolt
45----------------Wire loom hold-down -----(part of 7G360)
46-Wire conn---ector spacer (part of 7G360)
47--------------7A443Bolt (electric shift motor)
48--------------------7G360------------Transfer case shift motor
49-------------------7288------------Shifter shaft seal--------------
50--------------------------7A443----------------Bolt (front output shaft speed sensors)-
51------------------------7F293--------------------Front output shaft speed sensor
52------------------------Bar code label --------------(part of 7005)
54-------------------------7G450----------------------Front output shaft tone wheel
55------------------------7A443-------------------------Bolt (extension housing)
56-------------------------Sealing ring (packing for shipping) (part of 7085)
57------------------Oil seal (part of 7005)
58-Shipping plug (part of 7005)
59-Convolute wire (part of 7085)
60-Identification plate (part of 7085)
61--7A443Bolt (front output shaft speed sensor)
627F293Output shaft speed sensor
63---7G450Tone wheel (output shaft)
64---17291Tone wheel spacer.
65------7085Extension housing assy
66-----7F063Shift cam assy
67------7289Lockup fork
68-------7240Shift fork shaft
69----------7219Lockup shift fork spring
71-----------------7Z111Thrust bearing race (thin)
72-----------------------7D221Thrust bearing
73----------------------7A387Thrust bearing race (thick)
74------------------------7917Snap ring
75----------------------7025Bearing (output shaft support)
76----------------------------7917Snap ring.

On 4WD models, remove shift linkage from transfer case (manual shift models), or unplug connector at transfer case (models with electronic shift). Unplug 4WD switch connector from transfer case. Detach wiring harness from retainers on frame rail. 4. On all models, remove necessary heat shields for access to electrical connectors. Unplug connector from Transmission Range (TR) sensor, mounted at shift lever on transmission. Unplug connector from solenoid assembly on side of transmission.
On vehicles equipped with electrical air suspension, power to air suspension system must be shut off prior to hoisting, jacking or towing an air suspension vehicle. The air suspension switch is located behind right kick panel area. Failure to do so can result in inflation or deflation of air springs, which may cause vehicle to shift during these operations.
Remove electrical connector from TR sensor by squeezing tabs together and pulling connector from TR sensor. Remove electrical connector from solenoid assembly by pushing inward on center tab. DO NOT pry on tab(s) with5. Loosen oil pan bolts to allow fluid to drain. When fluid stops draining, remove all but 2 bolts at front of oil pan. Allow oil pan to drop. Drain remaining fluid. Reinstall bolts to hold oil pan in place. 6. Remove torque converter cover. Remove starter motor. Remove torque converter-to-drive plate nuts. Support transmission with floor jack. Remove transmission mount-to-crossmember nuts and crossmember-to-frame bolts. 7. Remove crossmember. Secure transmission to floor jack with safety chain. Remove transmission-to-cylinder block bolts. Move transmission rearward and lower from vehicle.